Review: Tigers in the Cage (The Great Library, #0.1) by Rachel Caine

Tigers in the Cage (The Great Library #0.1)Tigers in the Cage by Rachel Caine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘Tigers in the Cage’ is a prequel novella to ‘The Great Library’ series centering around Obscurist Magnus, Keria Morning, the mother of Scholar Christopher Wolfe. It tells the story of Keria and Eskander, Wolfe’s mysterious father, and how the two met.
To be honest, I actually didn’t mind this novella that much. In fact, I really enjoyed it! I love anything and everything romantic, so this was an opportunity to learn more about the young Keria Morning and her mysterious romance with Eskander.
There were a few drawbacks to this novella. The writing was good, but it obviously needed editing. Some of the sentences were poorly written. Gregory was a character previously said to be 5 years older than Wolfe: Not Keria’s age. The novella ended WAY to early for my liking! I wanted to know if Keria and Eskander got together!
Congratulations to Rachel Caine on publishing a lovely novella!

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