Review: Teacup by Rebecca Young

TeacupTeacup by Rebecca Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

AAAAAAH! I LURVE the illustrator who created the stunning masterpieces for ‘Teacup’!!!!!!!
I love Matt Ottley’s style and the way he is able to capture the meaning and power behind words and fill his drawings with this depth and emotion that continues to left me astounded!
‘Teacup’ is a wonderful picture book that filled me with sadness and understanding yet also managed to blossom hope and empathy within my chest. It was – and will continue to be – a very memorable book for me.
What I loved about it was the strength and beauty in every page! And I am very much in love with the ending. I would highly recommend to anybody who has little time on their hands but wishes to enrich their day and put a smile on their face!
Congratulations to Rebecca Young on publishing an unforgettable picture book not only for children, but for young adults, too!

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