Review: The Lovely and the Lost (The Dispossessed, #2) by Page Morgan

The Lovely and the LostThe Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘The Lovely and the Lost’ made me feel sort of…uncertain…about the whole series. Book one was okay, but I didn’t think too much of it. The whole demons and gargoyles seemed to have been eclipsed by Jennifer L. Armentrout’s own series, ‘The Dark Elements’ which I believe is a lot like this one – or rather, this series is a lot like that one. Because of this, I have been kind of reluctant to pick up ‘The Dark Elements’. Should I? And am I crazy for doubting myself?
Anyway, the entire novel was kind of boring for the majority, but much like the first instalment in ‘The Dispossessed’ series, I really redeemed itself at the very end. There was so much more action and THINGS and STUFF there that it made it much, much better for me. I’m not sure whether book three, and the final instalment will be better, but I guess that will be the last chance for the series to redeem itself in my opinion.
Congratulations to Page Morgan on publishing the SECOND volume in the series!

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