Review: Thorne (The Chronicles of Kaya, #2) by Charlotte McConaghy

Thorne (The Chronicles of Kaya, #2)Thorne by Charlotte McConaghy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly provided by Random House Australia in exchange for an honest review.


There’s so much that I could say about ‘Thorne’! I am absolutely, inexplicably in love with it! It swept me off my feet and carried me down the metaphorical reading isle to the bookish alter where I vowed to love, cherish and keep ‘Thorne’ with me forever! And I TOTALLY wouldn’t mind also marrying the actual male character after whom this novel was named. 😉
I believe this is the second time this series has stopped my heart and made me gasp within its first page. There is something incredibly powerful and tangible about Charlotte McConaghy’s writing. It grips you and won’t let go. You are the person constantly standing on the edge of a precipice. And with every passing sentence you believe you are about to fall off…but you never do. You are only ever closer and closer to approaching the end until finally, when you are on the verge of a broken mind, you fall off – no nosedive – to your reader’s death. That’s the only way that I can explain the style with which this author writes. It’s unforgettable.
Oh, and when you least expect it, your fingers find grip on a ledge…and there is your cliffhanger. And it’s tortuous because you want to know what happens next, but you can never know until the next instalment.
World-building is above and beyond you could’ve ever expected from ‘Thorne’. The author continued to grow and evolve this land which she created. She introduced me to new qualities and new countries which utterly enchanted me. There was culture and tradition. Facts and fiction. All explained and painted. Charlotte McConaghy went to such great detail to create the world of Kaya, and if constantly amazed me. This return to ‘The Chronicles of Kaya’ is one that took my mind beyond the realm of the imaginary. It transported me to living, breathing reality.
The characters were gorgeous and alive. They were flawed and dangerous; powerful and weak; strong and small; cunning and clever; witty and tormented; capable and unable. And with such variety, you wouldn’t believe that these PEOPLE had sprung from the mind of a single person. Each and every character: minor and major, had something astoundingly unique. Meeting one was like meeting a new soul.
‘Thorne’ is told in first person narrative and follows the perspectives of Finn, Thorne, Falco and Quillane. And at the very end, Isadora. The emotion and feeling with each of them told of the world through their eyes is simply magnificent. Yet were so rich that I couldn’t experience the novel as if I wasn’t them. With each shift, it was as if I donned a new a skin, a new life, which led me down the path of the unknown, and the end of the book.
The skill with which the novel was laid out, is highly commendable. Each moment and event was something significant. But also like a ripple in a river which torrented towards the inevitable. There was so much of everything that it filled my mind to the brim. Anticipation, drama, and tension, adventure: you name it, this novel has got it.
And the chemistry between Thorne and Finn was something destined. And no, this is not a spoiler. Anybody who read the blurb would have known their relationship was inevitable. Their path towards each other progresses slowly, and there was none of that instant love that ruines so many stories. Their understanding and knowledge of each other was duly explored as their first took their tentative steps towards each other and their incorrect first perceptions of each other. What was wonderful was that the reader fell in love with each as Thorne and Finn fell in love with each other. And if you’re up for some quite hot/intense scenes…well, you’re going to die to read this novel.
Congratulations to Charlotte McConaghy on publishing the beautifully poetic masterpiece, ‘Thorne’, book two of ‘The Chronicles of Kaya’! ‘Isadora’ will, no doubt, surpass all of my expectations.

Rating Plan
1 star : Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad. Idea of the book was against my liking.
2 star : Didn’t like it, didn’t find it interesting or gripping. Seemed to drag on to me.
3 star : An average book. Wasn’t bad or good. Everything else was well done. Original idea.
4 star : Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me. I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.
5 star : I LOVED IT! I stayed up late until 3 am. Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT. Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR!

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