Review: The Coming of the Whirlpool (Ship Kings, #1) by Andrew McGahan

The Coming of the Whirlpool (Ship Kings, #1)The Coming of the Whirlpool by Andrew McGahan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my second reread of ‘The Coming of the Whirlpool’ and it literally couldn’t get any better EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love everything about this book: the characters, and the brave soul that is Dow Amber; the setting which ranges from the headland forests and pines to the bays and seas of New Island; the atmosphere, so strong, thrilling, powerful and present; the writing and the author’s exceptionally correct yet unforgettable style! I feel this AWE every single time I open this novel and a rush of anticipation and fear JUST before I turn the first page. I love how thought through and MEANINGFUL every event was. How the author was a sort of narrator AND storyteller at the same time! Every letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter was RAW. I have enough praise for this novel to go many time over the page limit!
Congratulations to Andrew McGahan on publishing the first instalment in his spell-binding new series!

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