Review: Decieved (Soul Keeper, #2) by L. A. Starkey

Deceived (Soul Keeper, #1)Deceived by L.A. Starkey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘Decieved’ was a reread I decided to uptake because the lovely L. A. Starkey sent me review copies for the rest of the series. YAY! I always love a good retelling and the mix of mythology – especially GREEK mythology – made me fall hard and fast. I really liked the complexity of the story which the authoress wove and have to commend her on the quality of the work she produced despite being an independent author. But at times I felt as if the story could have just been a little bit better – a little bit more… There were some plot holes which I thought were minor but they didn’t frustrate me too much. There WAS the stereotypical love triangle but I felt that it was overcome by the drama and general anticipation that filled the novel. ‘Decieved’ seemed to read almost like an introduction to the world which the authoress created.
Congratulations to L. A. Starkey on publishing a gorgeous FIRST instalment in the ‘Soul Keeper’ series!

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