Review: The Hound of Rowan (The Tapestry, #1) by Henry H. Neff

The Hound of Rowan (The Tapestry, #1)The Hound of Rowan by Henry H. Neff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘The Hound of Rowan’ was a spectacular novel that I seriously loved to death but it just…lost something along the way – hence the four star. I loved the incorporation of real life events by the author and the childhood trivialities that we so often find embarrassing as children but then laugh later as adults. It was a fantastic story that made me laugh so often or just grin stupidly at the book. I loved the characters (the good ones) and got seriously creeped out by the evil ones. The story was well formed and the writing superb. It was a great work by the author and as a debut even more impressive. This work reminded me a lot of David Edding’s ‘The Belgariad’ series which I loved. A great children’s read!
Congratulations to Henry H. Neff on publishing a great debut!

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