Review: The Queen’s Army (The Lunar Chronicles, #1.5) by Marissa Meyer

The Queen's Army (The Lunar Chronicles, #1.5)The Queen’s Army by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘The Queen’s Army’ was a nice short to read and was much like Cinder’s little novella except now its all about Wolf. I loved how vulnerable yet also strong he was in this short! It seems to me that he was always like he was in Scarlet (trying to keep from spoilers here!) and that made me glad. It was incredibly short and mostly recounted Wolf’s time from his entering soldier training up until just before ‘Scarlet’ starts. It was an eye opener for me and for those wondering if you should read this BEFORE ‘Scarlet’ I would strongly recommend to read AFTER. It just makes a lot more sense that way and you get more from reading it. The short story also explains Wolf’s and Ran’s relationship with each other.
Congratulations to Marissa Meyer on publishing a lovely short story from Wolf’s view!

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