Review: The Sway (Hidden Saga, #2.5) by Amy Patrick

The Sway: A Hidden Novella (The Hidden Saga)The Sway: A Hidden Novella by Amy Patrick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly provided by Amy Patrick in exchange for an honest review.


I was very excited about reading ‘The Sway’ mainly because of the two following reasons: 1. I got to learn more about Vancia who – I must admit – grew on me; 2. Meet this awesome new character that ties in ‘Hidden Hope’ the third book in the ‘Hidden Saga’ and the fourth book ‘Hidden Darkness’ – a much anticipated novel.
Vancia is actually more of a good girl than the manipulative/badass one I thought she was. I loved exploring the story from her point of view and deeply enjoyed getting to know her better and learning the ins and outs of her childhood as a teen living under the shadow of Davis Hart – evil extraordinaire. What really surprised me was her attitude towards ALL humans – which you’ll learn of if you choose the read this novella. Her type of ‘sway’ or glamour (which I found totally intriguing whilst reading the novels) is explored more deeply here. It also gives an insight into what Vancia is capable of. Vancia’s and Nox’s royal statuses before the deaths of their parents and their separation are also revisited and clarified. I admit I was confused and unsure of their families’ positions before but ‘The Sway’ clarifies all.
The lives of Dark Elves are more prominent in this novella and given an in depth look. It’s a huge contrast to Lad’s life and his upbringing, for example. We get to learn about them as they go about their daily lives in disguise and how they differ both from the Light elves and human’s lives.
I would strongly recommend reading this novella BEFORE reading the third novel, ‘Hidden Hope’. It makes reading the end of ‘Hidden Hope’ SOOOOO much better. I deeply regret picking up this novel after having read books 1-3 as it also provided me with a deeper look into the problem that was going on throughout those novels.
The writing was wonderful as always. I really enjoy reading from Amy Patrick’s style as it really is the epitome of what young-adult books should be like. It’s full of zest and humour, drama and emotions. Really, a GIANT ball of literary goodness. There was excellent grammar and no spelling mistakes that I could spot. There was one typo but it was easy to ignore and I would have totally missed it if not for a large font.
Congratulations to Amy Patrick on publishing such a lovely novella in her captivating ‘Hidden Saga’!

Rating Plan
1 star : Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad. Idea of the book was against my liking.
2 star : Didn’t like it, didn’t find it interesting or gripping. Seemed to drag on to me.
3 star : An average book. Wasn’t bad or good. Everything else was well done. Original idea.
4 star : Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me. I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.
5 star : I LOVED IT! I stayed up late until 3 am. Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT. Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR!

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