Release: Broken Banners (A Reaper of Stone, #2) by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

Broken Banners CoverTitle: Broken Banners (A Reaper of Stone, #2)
Release Date: 15th February 2016

Pages: TBA
Genre: Fantasy

‘Broken Banners’ is a thrilling, fast-paced fantasy tale. It is the second novella of the series A Reaper of Stone. Reviewers compare it to the works of Brandon Sanderson, Sarah J Maas, and Joe Abercrombie. It is recommended for readers who enjoy epic fantasy, myth and legend, action, and/or stories with a strong female protagonist.


Slaughtered and left for crows, soldiers of the King’s Army lay dead in a field. A grim reminder: the king’s law ends at the gates of the capital.

Elinor fought for what she believed and now she is an outcast. No soldier will follow her. No officer will stand with her. Yet when she finds her brothers and sisters slaughtered, she cannot turn her back on them.

Long ago, they swore an oath. Not to the king, but to each other.

And woe to those who break that bond.



Broken Banners Banner


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