Exclusive: Faith and Moonlight (Echoes of the Ascended, #4) by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

faith600x900Title: Faith and Moonlight (Echoes of the Ascended, #4)
Release Date: 15th December 2015

Pages: 104
Genre: Fantasy

“Faith and Moonlight is a story full of fantasy, magic and coming of age lessons.” – Betty, Goodreads.

“While dealing with some fairly heavy subjects, “Faith and Moonlight” is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett in that laced through the heavy atmosphere; array of emotion and implausible magic is hope. That spirit of what might be lightens the feel considerable making for a delightful story.” – Rabid Readers Reviews.

“This little nugget brings to mind classical fantasy with a new voice that readers will find fresh and inviting. My only regret in reading this book is that it was over way too soon!” – Rochelle, Cover2Cover.


Roan and Kay are orphans.

A fire destroys their old life, but they have one chance to enter the School of Faith.

They are given one month to pass the entry trials, but as Roan excels and Kay fails, their devotion to each other is put to the test.

They swore they would face everything together, but when the stakes are losing the life they’ve always dreamed of, what will they do to stay together?

What won’t they do?


Faith and Moonlight Banner


She took a deep breath and let it out, trying to focus, but her eyes darted from one new wonder to the next. Yet despite all the new sights, it was Roan she kept coming back to.

There was a tension and excitement in his bearing, and quickness in his step. His long, lean form seemed drawn tight like a bowstring, not with anxiety, but with a thrilling anticipation. His blue eyes seemed to take in everything.

Roan had always been different. Kay and the other orphans had grown up on the dreams and stories of the old legends, playing the parts of the great heroes. But nobody ever thought they could really become like them when they grew older. Except Roan.

He made her believe they were destined for great things. He made her believe anything was possible, so long as they were together. His hope was fearless and she was grateful for that. Loved him for that.

“There it is,” Roan said, his voice breathless.

In the distance, a shining white edifice towered above the Crucis District. Sunlight played off the white marble of a massive central dome, making the statues seem to sway and move as if they were alive.

They were finally here. The School of Faith.



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