Review: Reckoning (Pandora Jones, #3) by Barry Jonsberg

Reckoning (Pandora Jones, #3)Reckoning by Barry Jonsberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Reckoning’ was an EPIC and TOTALLY MIND-BOGGLING way to end the ‘Pandora Jones’ series! I STILL cannot believe that the series isn’t more widely know! It seemed to me like the whole series was leading up to the humongous show-down that happed in the last chapters of this novel. I loved the twists and turn but I also loved how connected I felt to the multitude of characters and their dynamics. It was even MORE jam-packed with action than the previous novels. Sadly – as in all novels such as these – there were deaths that I just couldn’t deal with. I literally shouted: “WHYYYYYYYY?!” when it ended. Its conclusion wrapped up the story well but it was different as it didn’t resolve the problem completely. There was room left for more.
Congratulations to Barry Jonsberg on publishing an epic finale to a five-star series!

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