Exclusive: Angels of Moirai (Angels of Moirai, #1) by Nicole Salmond

Angels Of Moirai Book OneTitle: Angels of Moirai (Angels of Moirai, #1)
Release Date: 3rd May 2015

Pages: 370
Genre: Young Adult

“In three words I found this book to be FUN SEXY and IRRESISTIBLE!” – Alexis, Reality Bites – Let’s Get Lost Book Blog

“Live life to the fullest and with no regrets and Taking chances is always worth the risk when you’re doing it with someone you love – a very good message that this story encompasses; a simple yet inspirational read.” – Reads and Thoughts


Since man first walked the earth, the Angels of Moirai have watched over them. Born human, they are taught never to feel, never to become attached, and never to become emotionally compromised.

Eighteen-year-old Lila Kingston is haunted by dreams of a mysterious angel. Suddenly the dramas of her broken family and the snobby rich kids at her school fail in comparison to the challenges she must face.

Hailing from the Angels of Moirai, James Taylor has been entrusted with the fate of lives from around the world for over a thousand years. His sole purpose is to ensure every mortal follows their designated path, but when Lila puts that very purpose at risk, he must make a choice—a choice that ultimately leads to the devastating consequences of a love never meant to exist.

The choice was never easy. Those kind of choices never are…



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I double-checked that I had locked the doors and left with Hayley for Poppy’s house, wishing so badly Hayley would stay. There was no way I was going to get any sleep with the fear that someone was outside of our house.

It took over half an hour to get to her house, as she lived out of town. Navigating the windy roads was hard enough during the day, at night with the storm brewing, it was even harder. By the time I dropped Hayley off and started to make my way home, the rain had caught up with me. It was heavy and thick and made my vision even poorer, much to my dislike. My wipers were on full speed as I tried to centre my attention on the road ahead. Every now and then, I would pass another car going in the opposite direction, but they seemed to be scarce, and only a crazy person like me would be driving in this weather.

I focused on the road ahead, my headlights hitting the road and barely making any impact, when out of nowhere, a dark shadow in the shape of a man stood in the centre of the road.

My senses reacted as I slammed my foot against the brake, turning the steering wheel tightly to my left. I felt the seat belt slam against my chest. My breath gasped for air. My body was thrown forward and I instantly clenched my eyes shut, as shears of glass spilled across my face, and I felt my body turn once… twice… three times. Each time, I heard the crushing sound of the metal of the car bearing down on me.

I hung upside down, as the car came to a standstill. I briefly touched my throbbing head, the metallic taste of blood filling my mouth. I looked out the shattered side mirror, as my eyes were trying hard to focus. I could see the dark shadow coming closer towards me, fear imbedded deep within me. I fumbled the seatbelt holding me in. I needed to get out, and fast. My vision became clearer as I struggled to unbuckle the seatbelt, the pressure of my weight against it proving to be too much. I glanced back at the shadow with urgency pounding through my body.

I heard the click of the seatbelt and my body fell with a thud, my ribs cracking from the pressure. I cried out in agony as I tried to fight through the pain and crawl out of the car. I pressed my elbow hard against the roof of my car, using it as an anchor to pull my body forward.

I needed to be strong. I needed to move, but every inch of my body burned in agony at even the slightest movement. I felt the life being crushed out of me, and there was nothing I could do but stare at the shadow before me in fear, and try my hardest to get away.

The shadow made a deathly screech that pierced my ears, and with a crack of thunder, I watched as a tall figure fall to the ground in front of me with a thud, and the tar road cracking with impact. With one leg kneeling, he stood slowly, his wings spread across his back creating a barrier between the shadow and I.

“James,” I croaked in recognition of James’ wings.

In an instant, he was kneeling down in front of me. He pulled me from the car and into his arms with little effort, and my pain disappeared instantly. I looked up towards him, fighting against my eyes, as they grew heavy. I felt the air move around me as we left the ground; the breeze hitting my cheeks as his wings moved with ease and grace. He looked at me briefly before lifting his head towards the sky and I felt my eyes plunge into darkness.


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