Interview: Angels of Moirai (Angels of Moirai, #1) by Nicole Salmond


1. How was Angels of Moirai born?

I was really eager to write a book for Young Adults and started to think of some ideas that generally all fell around the “forbidden love” idea. Growing up I was notorious for going after guys who I wasn’t allowed to be with, so I drew from that a fair bit, along with Lila attending a private school.

Most of my story ideas come from dreams, so little parts of Angels of Moirai did, but for the most part I really wanted to write a young adult novel and thought I’d start basic and work my way into it because it’s such a great genre.

2. What was the first thing you did before you sat down to write the novel? Do you have a pre-writing ritual?

For every book I have a notebook that I write ideas about and maybe quotes that come to me a random times – usually just before I go to sleep. I then map out a story/timeline on a whiteboard and go from there. Often the story I want to tell at the beginning changes over time as the characters develop – this keeps it interesting, as I feel like a reader sometimes who has no idea what will happen next!

3. What would you recommend to any aspiring writer/author?

Just get the words on paper. The first 30,000 words are the hardest. It’s all about building backgrounds, relationships and learning how to write and put it all together. I’ve always had the idea that when I sit down to right I have a goal, usually around 1000-2000 words. By doing small goals every day it doesn’t seem so daunting as appose to sitting down and hoping to writing a full 60,000 word novel!

4. What is the hardest thing about being and indie/self-pub author?

Getting your name out there! A few years back with my first two novels it was quite easy to get my novels in best seller lists as there just wasn’t the competition there is today. There are literally thousands of books added on Amazon everyday, so getting noticed out of them is hard!

5. Which characters were the most fun/interesting/hard to write? Why?

I loved writing Hayley. I have three sisters and we are all really quite crazy together so I enjoyed writing her the way I think my sisters and I were when we were younger.

6. How much is Lila like you and how much is she not? What are the differences?

The way she values family over materialistic things. I would much rather have my family with me and living in a tiny house then never seeing my parents. Family is so much more important than money, especially in the teenage years when there is so much crazy things happening in your life – you need your family to fall back on.

I know some people think she was a spoilt brat, but come on! Only seeing your parents for a few times year after year with them missing your birthdays, christmas, etc would be hard!

7. Can you tell us anything about the sequel to Angels of Moirai? E.g Title name? Teasers?

It will just be called Angels of Moirai (Book Two) and it will be quite different to the first book. Book one was really just setting the scene for Lila’s background and her relationship with her friends, family and James. Book Two will be exploring more of James’s word and there will be some heavy fight scenes, as well as an introduction of a new main character who has a dark background to tell. Oh, and a huge twist that I doubt anyone will see coming!

8. When can we expect for it to be released/published?

Good question! Great question! *speaking in third person* “Well, Nicole? Are you going to give yourself a kick up the bum and get writing?!” Haha!

Look, I am really hoping to getting it finished A.S.A.P! Unfortunately books take forever to write, but I’m aiming now for a March release. Hey, at least I’m not like George RR Martin – I could have you waiting for years if I liked!

9. Do you have any more stories hidden up your sleeve and what are your future writing plans?

I’ve got two ones that I would love to do. One is a time travel novel and the other is about aliens – crazy, I know! I honestly have loads of ideas though, it all depends on the story that grabs me!

– Nicole Salmond






Nicole Salmond is an Aussie who grew up on a farm in New South Wales but currently resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She is the mother of two gorgeous girls, Evelyn and Harper, and wife of a supportive husband – and childhood sweetheart – who understands that writing may sometimes consume every second of her thoughts! Oh, and a cute little staffy called Rusty.

Nicole also has a twin sister who is completely different to her, younger twin sister who are very similar and one older brother who has to deal with it all.

So far she has published four novels: Forever Yours, One Good Reason, Blackbird and Angels of Moirai. She is currently working on a sequel to Angels of Moirai. Nicole is not perfect; she is learning with every sentence typed and every correction made. It’s her passion and so long as she has a story to tell, she will write. Nicole also hops that they can be loved by many readers, and touch them in some way.

Nicole loves Nutella, the beach, sun, kids in the bed in the morning, slobbery kisses at night, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, books that consume me, movies, and generally anything romance related! Her life-long saying is: You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.


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