Review: Losing Charley (Full Circle, #1) by Casey Peeler

Losing Charley (Full Circle, #1)Losing Charley by Casey Peeler

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

ARC kindly provided by Red Coat PR via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Losing Charley was a very unsatisfying book, I strongly disliked it. No offence intended to author or book but it was just plain dumb. Losing Charley is about a virgin girl who becomes a rape victim to her boy-friend and then struggles to overcome her past and the psychological problems that now face her as a rape victim. Seriously, Charley did not do a lot of struggling. Throughout the whole of the book you see her jump between these two guys; a boy who was her best-friend since she was four and has been in love since forever and a guy she meets in college who is so attractive, she cannot resist having a ‘thing’ with. I think everybody can see which guy she should go with…the former. There were also other downers to this book. The writing was completely amateurish and unexperienced. There were grammar mistakes, spelling errors and lots of ‘tell’ more than ‘show’. When the author did ‘show’, she often ruined it by ‘telling’, too. There was no anticipation, drama, emotions or tension in the story whatsoever. It was like a freaking recount of something! The girl, Charley, also bounces back rather quickly after her rape. She goes to parties in college, drinks a lot, goes shopping, participates in heaps of make-out sessions…you get the idea, all the stereotypical things you expect from a college girl. I mean, no wonder she was so easily raped! (Okay maybe that was a bit harsh, but you can’t help but think that.) I could not in any way give it a 3 star out of pity – even though I never do that anyway. It seemed to me like the author just wanted to write this and that it, no other expectations other than writing a book. Really upsetting if you ask me. Anyways, congratulations to Casey Peeler on a published book!

Rating Plan
1 star : Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad. Idea of the book was against my liking.
2 star : Didn’t like it, didn’t find it interesting or gripping. Seemed to drag on to me.
3 star : An average book. Wasn’t bad or good. Everything else was well done. Original idea.
4 star : Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me. I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.
5 star : I LOVED IT! I stayed up late until 3 am. Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT. Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR!

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